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Killer Ft. Dee Freer by SkisM and DC Breaks

SkisM and DC Breaks coming in hot with a fresh new track that will have you hitting repeat before the song is over! The sweet voice is combined with heavy bass on this song have satisfied my Tuesday filth-tooth so with further adieu here is ‘Killer ft. Dee Freer by SkisM and DC Breaks.

Grizzly by Von and Defeater (Kevin Kingsbury Remix)

Happy Mokie Monday! Definitely get your mokes out before listening to this song. Hearing Von and Defeater’s original filthy mix before this, I had to check out what Kevin Kingsbury could bring to this song to make it even sicker. He absolutely kills it with a collaboration of different clips and sounds that give it a darker, heavier feel. Download it, play it, love it…snapthemole.

Borgore Daily Dose of Dubstep – BBC 1xtra w/ Mistajam

Hefty. That is one word to describe this mix. Prepare your self to get tipped over in a port-o-potty of filth. Borgore is at it again, heavy grimy filth transitioned perfectly again and again. This mix will have you on the edge of your seat cringing with anticipation before every drop so fix the bass to MAX and enjoy the heavy filth of Borgore.

Zeds Dead – The Living Dead EP

OMFG! It’s here. How is it already July 24? The summer is flying by, so sit down, crank back and snap a mole to the freshest EP of the summer. Luckily half the Snapthemole team got to experience Zeds Dead LIVE in Orange County a few weeks ago, and all I can say it they blew me away. Alone, the Canadian duo are already cause the extreme dubstep side effects: head wobbling and face crunching, but live, they tore the club up.

These bass heavy sounds WILL blow out your speakers, make sure you bust out your warranty. (I’m getting mine replaced this week 😉

With 4 new tracks on the new EP, get ready for some fresh new Zeds.

Filthometer Reading (Average): 7.5

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The V Motion Project – Can’t Help Myself

This video is made with only the body’s motions which are projected on the side of a building for everyone that they have just woken up in the middle of the night to come and watch. The technology used to make the music seems so futuristic but before you know it this will be the new way to make the music literally flow out of the DJ’s body. Shout out to Zama. On here everyday and two times on Sunday. Enjoy this video and free download and of course Happy Mokie-Monday!!!

Kill The Noise – Jokes On You (Kill The Noise Remix)

Kill the Noise is back! His mind-blowing sound, touching on countless genres, beats and tempos kicks you in the face on this MokieMonday… One’s not really sure what to make of this song at the start, but it only takes 20 seconds to realize where it belongs: on Snapthemole. Get ready for a filthy start to a jam packed week of songs coming YOUR way!

This song is forthcoming on the “Roots Remixed EP” which comes out on TUES. JULY 24th 2012!!!!!

Check out the: Kill The Noise Soundcloud!

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Friday The Filth-teenth


Welcome to Friday the Filth-teenth with Culprate.  This one might require a whip it to fully appreciate, but I’m sure all of you dubheads have the necessary tools for the adventure.  Strap in and zone out with this mind melting experience just released from Culprate.  Dynamic and wild, he cuts away at your sense of reality with a hacksaw to the face.  Cheers, stay lucky out there.

Check out his FB for the free download:


Candyland – Gangsters Paradise (Candyland’s OG Remix)

Candyland: composed of Ethan and Josie, started up in April of 2011. Just reaching 5,000 followers they released this OG remix of Gangsters Paradise. So as you walk through the valley and harvest some grain, crank up the bass for the classic remix of an original. It’ll have you boppin’ your head up and down! tRaP MuSiK.

Zeds Dead and Omar LinX

When Zed’s Dead and Omar Linx released Out for Blood a year ago, it was apparent that the collaboration would yield dark energy.  Their brand new single, The Living Dead, is just as exquisite and masterfully creepy as a George Romero style theme song for a Night of the Living EDM flic.  Anyone who has ever seen the Zed’s Dead duo live will also tell you that this is exactly suited to their defined style.  Whether they are tearing up Beta in Colorado or destroying Vegas at EDC, these Ontario natives do so with a sound reminiscent of a more intense Pretty Lights, something that can sooth your mind, but every so often take you through a distorting acid trip at the drop of the bass.   Cheers, Enjoy.

Preview: The Un1k forthcoming on Buygore!


Filthometer Reading: 8.5

Take CAUTION when listening. My mom came up stairs and was like “what is this noise, what is going on, and how can you concentrate on anyting?” She freaked out, cause I was blaring it on the bose surround sound. Un1k drops heavy bass the entire time, some can’t stand it…some love it.

I leave it up to you to decide….

About The Un1k:

“The Unik is a first class mastering engineer, but he’s also an excellent musician and hyper-creative producer. Known for his off the hook live Ps and massive productions, it’s his 2 first eps on PLAY ME RECORDS, playlisted by Excision or Spor among others, that revealed the guy to the bass music world”

Check out his soundcloud:

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