Thank you Borgore and DJ Carnage

Borgore & DJ Carnage @ Club X

Borgore & DJ Carnage @ Club X
STM Photography®

Honestly, don’t even know where to start this one off…. We arrived at Club X in Orange County, and as we are waiting for our tickets DJ Carnage walks right by us, at the time we had no idea who he was. But after he threw down an hour of straight trap music, I will never forget him. Then, right after that (still in line), Borgore and his fat ass crew of people mob right by the SnapTheMole team. He is a little shorter than I though he would be… But it just felt like an honor to be in his presence. As soon as we stepped foot inside: straight trap. Carnage was on, and he was fucking killing it. Here at STM, we scroll through hundreds to trap songs every day looking for that banger. Carnage was coming up with crazy, unreleased trap musik like we had never  heard before. 1 hour of absolute awesomeness. We at SnapTheMole CANNOT WAIT for more ‘Carnage Festival Trap Remix’s’

On to Borgore, wow…. I know you have all head of the EP ‘Borgore Ruined Dubstep’, essentially on Sunday in Orange County, he ruined every popular edm song- AND IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME. Who would of though that some of the most popular edm songs today could be transformed into some of the filthiest dubstep known to mankind. Along with all the dank music, Borgore’s stage presence was unbelievable. He really gives you the feeling that you went to see him, and aren’t just listening to his songs. It also helped that we saw about 4 pairs of tits, since he refuses to play without random bitches dancing on the speakers next to him. His fluid DJ skills are so easily visible, he absolutely murdered his set. Right before the heaviest drops, he would cut the music and yell ‘WHY THE FUCK ISN’T ANYONE MOSHING,’ meanwhile the tribe of bouncers gets ready to injure their clients girls and guys included. I personally saw bouncers (300+ pounds) knock people to the floor and against the wall, males and females a like, with no respect for anyone.

Thank you INTOTHEAM and INSOMNIAC for putting on this event, but now that Volume Sunday’s is done – I hope to never to return to Club X.

BTW, Borgore ended his set with ‘Guided Relaxtion’….. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either.

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