Pour It Up (RL Grime Remix)- Rihanna

Uh oh R.L. Grime just released this heavy track a few minutes ago via FaceBook and let me tell you it is heavy. The way the bass surrounds your body and shakes your ears is amazing. R.L. Grime goes in on Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’ setting the tone of the song early with a lethargically and creates a dope intro. The anticipation for the drop was killing me as I heard it for the first time so please take a minute to scope this ill track produced by R.L. Grime. Go like his FaceBook for hooking it up with a FREE DOWNLOAD…I mean it’s the least you could do for free music! Pour up & Enjoy!!!

EDIT: Rihanna isn’t too happy about the success of Trap and in her retaliation has taken down the song. She must not like 808’s and Snares… Or perhaps its the fact that this song is much more of a guaranteed hit than the original…

STM does not endorse these actions but here is the song in case you really want it 🙂 Thanks FISTSINTHEAIR!


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