ICƎD OU₮ – ₮R∆M⁋¥ (Rowah “Where Yo Ice At?!” Remix)

Get ready for some new shit! This is a remix by Rowah, a new and upcoming artist who we just discovered. We recently posted a remix he did with $yrup. Get ready to get ICED OUT, on this one. Rowah took Waka Flocka and Soulja boy’s tune “Iced out” and trap remixed the fuck out of it. Personally, we don’t even like the original…but Rowah did a great job on this “Where Yo Ice At?!” Remix! This is a remix on a remix: originally ₮R∆M⁋¥ remixed it, but we have to hand this one to Rowah. ₮R∆M⁋¥’s remix just wasn’t powerful enough, not enough bass!

Let us know what you think?!

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