Tasty Treat & Dead Robot – Milkshake (Clark Kent Remix)


Clark Kent, equipped with his fresh superman hat just released a remix to Tasty Treat & Dead Robot’s track called Milkshake and let me be the first to tell you that it hits hard! Also known as Tal Richards, the Santa Barbara, California native has shocked the world with his unique talents that have developed unbelievably quickly. Not even old enough to drink, this up and coming DJ has definitely projected himself to be at the top one day and with remixes like this one to Milkshake, it seems like he will be there in no time. This remix comes fully loaded with mad bass, synths, and filthy ass noises. Don’t skip over this track because if you do you will be sad you did. Here is Clark Kent’s Remix to Milkshake originally produced by Tasty Treat & Dead Robot. Enjoy!!!

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