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Diplo & Flinch feat. Kay – No Problem (Flinch Remix)

Diplo, easily one of the top music producers of today and tomorrow, never fails at making his songs absolute bangers that gets every crowd going.  Alongside Flinch, as well as remixed by Flinch, this trap exclusive is exactly what you need to get through your day. If you have yet to see Diplo live, you are missing out on the best live experience of your life!  After seeing him two times, he has taken the bar and risen it sky high!  Big thanks to Flinch for the FREE download and be sure to share and follow both artists on SoundCloud and Facebook.

Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen (Flinch Remix)

When I first heard Flinch’s ‘Raindrops’ I was simply blown away by how much bass and absolute filth was mashed into one track. Now remixing Ellie Goulding’s brand new single, ‘Anything Could Happen’ Flinch shows us his lighter Dubstep side as he carries Ellie’s beautiful vocals throughout the song and combining it with a soft drum and bass rhythm topped off with some dope synths that will rattle the hell out of your rearview mirror. I am a big fan of this new remix and it looks like Ellie Goulding herself also loved it, tweeting “@Flinch your remix of anything could happen is so good it makes me want to cry.” Here is Ellie Goulding’s fresh new single, Anything Could Happen remixed by DJ Flinch. Grab up this Free Download too! Enjoy!!!!

Download Here

Fytch and Captain Crunch – Raindrops (Flinch Remix)

Adam Glassco, better known as Flinch, a  Los Angeles based beat maker is killing it with his soft and symphonic sounds married with chest caving bass. Flinch’s career progressed from his beginnings in drum & bass, electro, to current endeavors into filthnasty mixes such as Raindrops. This remix is the perfect example of how he serenades heavy, heavy dubstep seamlessly around Captain Crunch and Fytch featuring Carmen F.’s song to make one of sickest bangers I have heard in a minute. So throw on this song and turn up the speakers and prepare to take a shower immediately after. Cheers.

Download Here

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