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Dj Kentaro & Foreign Beggars – Step In (Tha Trickaz Remix)


Damn son where’d you find this? Starting off with Dj Kentaro’s original track of ‘Step In’ with Foreign Beggars laying bars down over it, Tha Trickaz have taken their Trap-heavy, Hip-Hop influences to another level as they reworked this track. The Paris, France based duo consisting of Pho & DJ iRaize joined forces about ten years ago with the mutual goal of “push[ing their] musical boundaries as well as their own technical limits.” With a tempo that alternates between quick and lethargic speeds, the group does work to combine Dubstep, Trap/Hip-hop and electro-house genres into one filthy track. Make sure the bass is not turned up too loud because you may end up knocking pictures off the wall! Check out their SoundCloud and Like their FaceBook and while your at it you might as well Like ours as well! Enjoy!!

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