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Citizen Cope – Lifeline (Figure Remix)

Citizen Cope and Figure?! This caught me by surprise when I first scoped the title of the song seeing as Citizen Cope is a country/folk singer and Figure is a well-established Dubstep artist but let me tell you something, you will not be able to play this song only a single time. Figure, a long-time fan of Citizen Cope, contacted the folk artist shortly after Hurricane Sandy devastated our nation, with the hopes of producing a song that would embody a nation joining together in order to help rebuild the many cities from their ashes. Figure was not so sure this collaboration would ever arrise but was happily surprised when Citizen Cope agreed to produce a track that would encourage listeners and followers to donate any money at all to help the relief efforts. And hey, they hooked it up with a Free Download. The story behind the song is a sincere message to the community that EDM is helping to do its part to help rebuild the east coast so please donate what you can to help rebuild the east coast!!

Download Here

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