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Lullabies – Yuna (Adventure Club Remix)

Adventure Club has just released a track “hot of the press” and the best part is it is free! Posted earlier today, the Montreal based dubstep duo has created a quicker tempoed, synth saturated track that still allows Yuna’s beautiful voice shine through. Adventure Club, continues to release new tracks while they party hard on the road and we look forward to even more new slaps to post soon. Enjoy Lullabies, an Adventure Club Remix.

Adventure Club: New Drop

This could not have come at a better time, Adventure Club rocks your face off with this one, just wait until about 0:56 to get melted.  Check out this shot of them and it will reenforce the fact that this music is made to party, welcome to your weekend, thirsty thursday…game on.  Adventure Club promises a new release next week as well, do these guys take a break?  Check back next week.  Also, check out Sean-O in the background in a blue blazer, that kid shows up everywhere.

Adventure Club Ft. Kai – Need Your Heart (Candyland Remix)

For those of you that haven’t heard of Santa Barbara natives Ethan and Jose, who go under the DJ pseudonym CANDYLAND, this isn’t a regular song of theirs. After their smashing remix of Bingo Players classic, Rattle, they are at it again with a more mellow remix of Adventure Club’s – Need Your Heart.

Enjoy this Electro House Banger from an INTOTHEAM resident artist!

Adventure Clubbing

Adventure Club parties their faces off.  Their brand new track Need Your Heart featuring Kai is like a slow moving pill.  In the words of the late Doctor Thompson, “Good mescaline comes on slow. The first hour is all waiting. Then about halfway through the second hour, you start cursing the creep who burned you because nothing’s happening. And then – ZANG!”  The same can be said for this Adventure Club track, while slow moving at first, they make up for it by dropping trademark licks and enough bass to fix your head for a while.  Check them out at: ADVENTURE CLUB!!!! Below are two other tracks to give you the full experience. Cheers.

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