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Don’t Let Me Down (Dammit)


Gramatik: The trouble with covering the Beatles is the frequency of the damn thing.  When Paul McCartney woke up from his poetic dream fifty years ago and wrote Yesterday, I doubt he forsaw the twenty two hundred covers to follow it.  So, what has Gramatik done with the Beatles, completely deconstructed them.  But in a good way, the way that a Beatles enthusiast and a dirty Dub-kid can enjoy.  Basically, Gramatik pulls it off because he didn’t fuck with the Beatles too much.  He keeps their contribution minimal, then layers a supreme thickness- Enter Slovenia:  from classical and hip-hop to blues to jazz to mac truck to dropped dubstep to mdmaximum.  Enjoy.

For Don’t Let Me Down and the rest of this week’s mixtape, go to : Fletch’s Weekly Snap

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