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Porter Robinson Live from Ultra Miami 2013

Gosh, hes’s just such a great guy:

“hey, i uploaded the set that i played at ultra for those of you who missed the stream. it’s downloadable, too.” – Porter Robinson

Don’t miss this epic straight out of the Ibiza of the US, Ultra @ Miami 2013!

Porter Robinson – Triple J Mix From Australia!

“kiasfkdasd dope! you guys’ support got me and mat’s new track “easy” to #13 on beatport (main chart) and #6 progressive house after ONE DAY. thank you so much! so to say thanks, i’m uploading my 30 minute mix i did on Triple J the other day. sorry i don’t have it in higher quality. it contains some dope treats.” – Mr. Robinson, himself!

Plug in your headphones, turn up and don’t you dare touch that play/pause button for the next 35 minutes. Porter was so stoked that his new jam with Zo went from #13 to #6 on beatport, that he graced the world with this masterpiece. We’re still listening to it…so come back for a more updated review, but for now: Enjoy!

Porter Robinson & Mat Zo – Easy


It seems like we haven’t heard the young, energized Porter Robinson throw down an epic house banger in quite some time….until now.  This is the kind of song that, while it builds up, part of you knows your hands and arms are about to be pumping to the beat as soon as it drops.  Porter Robinson, only 20 years old, has already quite the name for himself.  His live performance, which I have been lucky enough to witness multiple times, never ceases to amaze me or completely blow my head away.  This collab song with Mat Zo, a 22 year old British Dj/Producer, is a great way to kick off the holiday season by getting everyone off their ass and on their feet.  Be sure to check out Porter Robinson’s Facebook for updates on his tour dates and information about new bangers being dropped! Also go like Mat Zo’s Facebook to see when he will be crusing through your town for a performance!

STM Signature

Porter Robinson: Language [EPIC]

Epic probably isn’t a good enough word for this song.  Porter Robinson just dropped this song along with the accompanied video seen here and gave us a journey through time and space in the span of a song length.  Sit back and enjoy this one, it washes over, ice cold for the sweltering summer days.  Enjoy, and keep your eyes out for every DJ in the fucking world to remix it.  Also, this is on my Snap this week for the download, head over to  Fletcher’s Snap to get it.  Cheers.

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