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Zeds Dead “Hot Sauce” EP (January 29)

Zeds Dead: the Canadian duo, composed of DC and Hooks, has decided to give their fans a little preview up their upcoming EP. When we say “little” we mean, little. This video is only 15 seconds long, and only really relates to the title of the EP, but if you listen in the background…whats that we hear? As that female vocalist on the Carnage Festival Trap Mix would say “I think it’s a trap!” The STM got to experience some of this new EP first hand at Lights All Night, in Dallas, Texas. Zeds Dead continues to break the barriers of genres and redefine electronic music.

Here is a little sneak peak of some trvp they dropped at Lights All Night:

Flux Pavilion will also be releasing his “Blow The Roof” EP on the same day!

Find them both, first, right here or on our Facebook!

Flux Pavilion – Do Or Die (ft. Childish Gambino)

What a combination: Flux Pavilion & Childish Gambino. It’s hard not to love this new jam.  As Gambino spits bars, Flux drops it hard. This song starts off, like its been playing for a few minutes already, its rather odd. But then as Gambino cradles us with his killer lyrics through the introduction, you almost forget that Flux is about to come in and change up the whole feeling of the tune. It goes from a gentle rap song with a catchy beat, to a little nestle of filth, but be assured that Gambino will come right back and save you.

Flux Pavilion – Jah No Partial (with Major Lazer)

Flux Pavilion and Major Lazer! Unexpected trifecta of greatness. How can this song go wrong…? With slight reggae undertones coming from Major Lazer reggae’s sample’s of Johnny Osbourne’s “Mr. Marshall,” Flux absolutely kills the track. This song is a little different from Major Lazer’s last hit “Get Free,” it has a more of a reggae feel and a harder bassline throughout.


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