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Who is ready for some steady filth!!! Bare has decided to give away this crazy good track for free because he has reached 35 thousand followers! This used to be a remix of Snoop Dogg and Staind but was not accepted. Bare has taken the old track and revised it into heavy, heavy filth fest. Bare is a good man for giving back to his followers by releasing this new track for absolutely nothing! That is right, this jam is free to download and get down to so enjoy this fat track during your Thanksgiving Break!!! Enjoy!

Bare vs Liquid Stranger – Rage

The Liquid Stranger and Bare have joined forces to bring us a track that will simply “PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE!!!!” That being said, Bare created the first version of the song before sending it off to Liquid Stranger to add his own touches and finish it up. Let me be the first to say that I believe that Bare was thrilled to hear what Liquid had produced; a filthier and more exciting track full of that Liquid Stranger grime we all love. So without further adieu here is ‘Rage’ by The Liquid Stranger and Bare. Enjoy!


Bare – Altitude

Bare, otherwise know as Sean Rodela, DJ and producer of FILTHY-ASS DUBSTEP is about to blow you mind with this song. Altitude really is the perfect name for the newest filthiest dubstep song (on August 15th at least.) I didn’t know what to expect at first, but as the song starts you’ll know right away….

Just take a listen, your about to freak out and break something

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