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Vindicate by Excision & Datsik

Excision and Datsik are back again with a filthy masterpiece. “Vindicate” isn’t for the faint of heart. With two of the heaviest producers in the game collaborating on a new song, you can only anticipate smashing your head against the floor as you get down to this new jam. Get ready for a dirty tune to rape your eardrums. I personally can’t wait for the Destroid Tour, featuring the combined forces of Excision, Downlink, and KJ Sawka united as a full-on live dubstep band. They will be touring the US starting this summer! Here is a little taste, of what’s expected to come

Excision & Downlink – Existence VIP

Jeff Able, otherwise know as Excision, spends his time DJing and Producing in British Columbia, Canada. Frequently collaborating with both Datsik and Downlink, he produces death-theatening baselines! The sounds coming from Excision’s songs have continued to puzzle the dubstep community. Artists and Producers alike do not know how he does what he does; But get ready, this song will leave you screaming for mercy as your filth face smashes into a wall.

Cheers from the Puerto Rico crew.

Download Here

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