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Liquid Stranger – Apocalypse Mix (“Is That Filthy Enough For You?”)


If you haven’t seen Liquid Stranger live, then you might as well contact your ENT doctor before hand because your eardrums will be bleeding gallons of blood. “This mix was recorded during a show in Philadelphia. Not as polished as a studio mix, but raw, live & direct. Contains a bunch of my VIPs, edits, collabs, and bootlegs.” – Liquid Stranger



1. The Twilight Zone

2. Ganga Giri – Bayami (Liquid Stranger Remix)

3. Liquid Stranger – Justice

4. Liquid Stranger – Rapture

5. Liquid Stranger feat. Shells – Blow

6. Liquid Stranger vs Downlink – Crippled Ripple

7. Liquid Stranger vs Datsik/Excision – Swagga With My Grandma

8. Liquid Stranger – Bully VIP

9. Orbatak – Ganja (Liquid Stranger Remix)

10. Liquid Stranger – Step by Step VIP

11. Liquid Stranger – Mechanical Stuff

12. Liquid Stranger – Zero Hour VIP

13. Liquid Stranger – Babylon Beast (Lockstep Edit)

14. Liquid Stranger – Destroy Him My Robots VIP

15. Liquid Stranger – Gridlock

16. Liquid Stranger vs Run DMC – Crush Groovin

17. Liquid Stranger – Gridlock (again)

18. Liquid Stranger – Raw

19. Liquid Stranger – Metrocop

20. Awolnation – Sail (Liquid Stranger Remix)

21. Liquid Stranger – Explode

22. Liquid Stranger – Snap, Crackle & Pop

23. Bare vs Liquid Stranger – Rage

24. Liquid Stranger vs Darth Vader – Imperial Strike

25. Liquid Stranger – Warhead

26. Lank, KirKus, Sluggo – We Kill Everything (Liquid Stranger Remix)

27. Liquid Stranger – Rocketfuel

28. Ajapai vs Liquid Stranger – Bounce/Rampage Mashup

29. Ajapai vs Liquid Stranger – Contamination

30. Ludacris feat Liquid Stranger – Move Bitch (Octagon Edition)

31. Ajapai vs Liquid Stranger – Swarm

32. El Diablo – Devil In The Machine (Liquid Stranger Remix)

32. Downlink – Factory (Liquid Stranger Remix)

33. Noisia – Friendly Intentions (Liquid Stranger Remix)

34. Liquid Stranger – Planet Freak

35. Getter – ill Shit (Liquid Stranger Remix)

36. Freq Nasty – Bon Merde (Liquid Stranger Remix)

37. Liquid Stranger feat. The Pack – Shake My Ass (Jello At The Club Mashup)

38. Liquid Stranger – Jolt VIP

39. Liquid Stranger – Bombaclaad Star VIP

40. Over and Out


Getter – Ill Shit (Liquid Stranger Remix)

Once again, another heavy banger just released 48 hours ago from Liquid Stranger.  Im sure you guys are wondering why Liquid Stranger seems to blow up our feed.  Well, this young stunner is so fresh in the game that hes only at a couple hundred followers on Instagram, and a couple thousand on SoundCloud, which is nothing compared to bigger names of today’s EDM world.  HUGE shout-out to this kid for doing his thing and raining his fans in filthy raunchy bass. As expected from this new name, you will definitely crunch up your face to the abyss-deep low he provides.

Download Here


Liquid Stranger Live in Puerto Rico!~

So, I went to see Nero (DJ Set) which means that only 1 of them showed up, sorta lame but great show though Eitherway, after Nero got out of the DJ Booth, Martin Stääf, otherwise known as Liquid Stranger, MELTED MY FACE OFF. I really didn’t know much about this Sweedish born DJ but he is described as “the epitome of Transnational Dubstep covering everything from Latin, Asian, Eastern European and Jamaican Dancehall dubs.” I honestly couldn’t tell what the fuck was going on, due to my close proximity to the speakers and the large amounts of filth penetrating my eardrums and probably destroying my future hearing but I just know that my mind was blown.


The PR Crew

Along with that I wanted to include: Warhead, which sounds pretty similar to the song above.

Along with: Bully. Which features filthy lyrics and obviously heavy baselines

Typical Liquid Stranger.

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