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Preview: The Un1k forthcoming on Buygore!


Filthometer Reading: 8.5

Take CAUTION when listening. My mom came up stairs and was like “what is this noise, what is going on, and how can you concentrate on anyting?” She freaked out, cause I was blaring it on the bose surround sound. Un1k drops heavy bass the entire time, some can’t stand it…some love it.

I leave it up to you to decide….

About The Un1k:

“The Unik is a first class mastering engineer, but he’s also an excellent musician and hyper-creative producer. Known for his off the hook live Ps and massive productions, it’s his 2 first eps on PLAY ME RECORDS, playlisted by Excision or Spor among others, that revealed the guy to the bass music world”

Check out his soundcloud:

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