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Underworld – Rez (Bassnectar Remix)

So it turns out Bassnectar has yet to fail at dropping a jam anything short of epic.  This bass heavy sound could quite possibly blow out your speakers or completely short your headphones!  Bassnectar has a way with beats and bass that can only be described as out of this world, and he continues to prove himself on a regular basis.  It is best I dont get started on how EPIC his live shows are because I could rant on and on for hours. So since I will graciously spare you the time, be sure to give this banger a listen and go pre-order it to support the artist!! Like his Facebook and follow his SoundCloud for constant updates!!

Bassnectar – Freestyle EP

We have slowly been posting songs off this EP throughout the week, but it’s finally here. Bassnectar is back with a 6 track EP full of BASS, Trap and funky grooves. There are 4 new songs and 2 new remixes. ENJOY!

Bassnectar – Infinite

Soooooo nectar. Bassnectar is here with some new shit. He’s been releasing songs everyday since his Freestyle Mixtape came out and has yet to disappoint. Get ready for heavy Bassnectar sounds, as your transported from your seat to a world of laser fighting machine dinosaurs. Prepare to be taken to infinity…. BLASTOFF!


Bassnectar – Hexes [ft. Chino Moreno]

“For those of you out there who enjoy the dark side of music, here’s my “Hexes” track for the new “Resident Evil: Retribution” movie, made with one of my favorite singers alive, Chino Moreno [big ups Chino]!!

I was thrilled to be a part of scoring this, and wanted to make a beat that dropped like a wall of bricks to knock people back in their seats at the movie’s sudden and dramatic end. Chino put together the lyrics in a poem that felt like a slow motion dream, and somehow the two sensations works in tandem: falling backwards in a dream while getting blown back by a wobbling wall of sound.”

– Bassnectar

Bassnectar Traps the Filth

You may not know the face, but you definitely know the hair.  You should also know the amount of heavy this musical genius known as Bassnectar puts into his productions.  After scoping the EDM world and seeing DJ after DJ, there is nobody I can back up more for having the SICKEST show ever than Bassnectar, also known as Lorin Ashton.  It is no surprise that it did not take him long to integrate a little trap into his womps, being this new trap phenomena that is taking over.  However, dont think Bassnectar will sacrifice his famous sound just to fit in with the current trend.  His music, combined with the amount of subwoofers by his side, will make any venue rattle like a 7.0 earthquake, so be strapped in before his epic ride through the Magical World.

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