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Datsik ‘Cold Blooded’ Premiere

Troy Beetles, the Canadian genius otherwise known as Datsik has just released his 2013 EP titled ‘Cold Blooded,’ which is exactly what his music is. Blending bass heavy dubstep “with a hip-hop-inflicted swagger and disembodied voices promising violence or other assorted doom”(Billboard), Datsik is back baby!  The STM Team has also been lucky enough to see Datsik multiple times, and he has not disappointed once. With such heavy dubstep, it can sometimes become overwhelming, but Datsik keeps his cool with this EP: combining heavy dubstep and filth with dark hip/hop vocals and beats. Datsik walkes us through each of his tracks below:

1. ‘Cold Blooded’: “This one wasn’t really hitting the way I wanted it to on the dancefloor. So I went back into the studio and did a new mix-down that was tight, punchy and with louder drums. The first time I played it out that way, it destroyed it. The idea was always there, it just came down to making sure the mix was perfect.”

2. Machete (feat. Snak the Ripper & Young Sin): “Young Sin is one of the most notorious underground MCs in Canada. Most hip-hop heads know who he is; he has an aggressive, nasty voice works well with dubstep. We wanted something super dark, cool, heavy and destructive, and that’s kind of what came out.”

3. ‘Automatik’ (feat. Messinian): “Messinian’s really easy to work with. He’s got things so down pat, he basically goes into the studio cranks out a whole bunch of vocals, and they all sound amazing and balanced. With the track, I was trying to do something based on older-sounding stuff I used to make, simple but really, really heavy.”

4. ‘Juicebox’: “It’s a sample-based hip-hop electronic thing I did. The intro violin was a sample I’ve had since I was 15 or 16. I didn’t end up using it until now. Kinda crazy.”

5. ‘Too Late To Say No’: “This is a track with my own vocals; that’s something different I haven’t really done before. It’s definitely cool seeing the reaction when I play it at the end of my set. Mostly girls are the ones who freak out.”

6. ‘Vindicate’ (feat. Excision): “We had never made a 110 [BPM] track together, so we tried something different and just went for it. With Excision, the whole theme is to keep it dark as fuck. The single is killing it on Beatport; we’re pretty stoked.”

7. ‘Release Me’: “I found a really cool vocal sample, changed up the pitch and the key, and wrote my own melody. I tried to make it dark but different at the same time. It’s the track I end my sets with.



For individual tracks, scope Datsik’s soundcloud. Don’t miss him and Griz on Tour in a US city near you.

Datsik & Getter – ID

Datsik dropping one of his new collabs with Tanner Petulla (DJ Getter) at the Boston installment of the Firepower Reloaded tour on 1/17. Boston members of the STM street team were at Royale Boston on Thursday night and got down to the sounds of Rekoil and GriZ as well. Datsik dropped new tunes like this collaboration with Getter and from his forthcoming EP (tomorrow) like Vindicate, and old favorites like Firepower and a Gold Dust remix. As usual, he destroyed the venue and got the crowd going ballistic. Don’t miss out when he comes to your town.

Vindicate by Excision & Datsik

Excision and Datsik are back again with a filthy masterpiece. “Vindicate” isn’t for the faint of heart. With two of the heaviest producers in the game collaborating on a new song, you can only anticipate smashing your head against the floor as you get down to this new jam. Get ready for a dirty tune to rape your eardrums. I personally can’t wait for the Destroid Tour, featuring the combined forces of Excision, Downlink, and KJ Sawka united as a full-on live dubstep band. They will be touring the US starting this summer! Here is a little taste, of what’s expected to come

Datsik – Bonafide Hustler (Trap VIP)

Datsik’s new Trap Vip mix is sick and he just released it for free! He mixed it “just for fun” haha and its dank as fuck. I’m about to miss my plane flight because of this post so here it is! Enjoy!!!

Datsik & Diplo – Barely Standing (Feat. Sabi)

Another banger from the epic duo Datsik and Diplo has just been dropped and I would classify this as a feet shuffling, head-bobbing, electro house banger!  The filthy, yet brilliant, mind of Datsik combined with Diplo’s genious always spits out songs that are guaranteed to remain on your ‘Recently Played’ playlist on iTunes. This jam, Barely Standing took me by surprise at first, but before I knew it I was suffering from the typical EDM symptoms: dancing feet and a heavy head full of beats.  Take this one with a grain of salt, not your average Datsik, nor your average Diplo, but this is definitely the jam.


>>>>>>Download Here<<<<<<

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