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╦╤-Trap Made Us Do It: Bang. Bang.-╤╦

bang bang

Soulmind, a German group that is killing the Trap scene in Europe released a mix the other day that includes a wide variety of great movie licks from flicks we all know and old school rap samples that take you back to the hip-hop you listened to when you were younger. Big ups to my homie Duben for finding this and we are glad he did because there hasn’t been such a hood Trap mix in a while. Soulmind throws down some OG Trap shit on this mix such as Baauer, ƱZ, and Flosstradamus and remixes tracks from A$AP ROCKY and Kendrick Lamar that keep the mix up to date. The first track by Bang Bang on the mix set the tone with a heavy 808 bass so turn up the speakers and enjoy this new mix by Bang Bang called  ╦╤-Trap Made Us Do It: Bang. Bang.-╤╦

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