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80’s Fitness – KOAN Sound (Official Video by Tim Hendrix)

When KOAN Sound dropped 80’s Fitness just a few months ago it broke the sound barrier of music meaning that this unorthodox song has so many weird and different sounds that marry together to produce a great track to get down to. After the song was debuted they decided to make an official music video for their new track so the publicist for KOAN Sound turned to Tim Hendrix, a great high school friend of mine and student at Art Center College of Design majoring in film located in Pasadena, California, to produce their official video. Tim has been making short animated films since I met him at West Junior High and his unique style of animation is perfectly linked to the abstract sound that KOAN Sound has created making a creative and thrilling video. Even on a small budget, Hendrix put everything he had into making this video and has produced a masterpiece. Check out my homie Tim Hendrix’s Blog for more videos and information on having him produce a video for you!!! Enjoy!

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