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Fantastic Blog Post from our homies over at buttons&knobs. A look inside the set-up of DJ’s we know and love!


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So far we’ve talked about digital audio workstations, basic components of a home studio, MIDI controllers, and even mobile apps and how they can fit into your creative process for making music. With Ultra Music Festival wrapping up this month, I figured it would be appropriate to talk about how some of the most technology-heavy music producers in the world utilize these technologies to create their sounds during a live performance.

Here are a few names you might recognize and which devices they use during their live shows:


Electro House, Dubstep

Skrillex, a former post-hardcore singer/songwriter, began creating digital productions and has been a major contributor to bringing electronic music back into the mainstream. Having been nominated for a total of eight Grammy awards and leaving with six, Skrillex is showing no visible signs of slowing down. Here’s what his live rig looks like:

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Kicks N Licks – Who Knows (Original Mix)

Coming straight out of San Diego, California (Just like us) this “lush and melodic sound emerges.” The duo known as Kicks N Licks, is composed of Andy Joplin and Jerrod Jordan, they got together a few years back and have supplied us with good music ever since. This song is a long, relaxed dubstep tune that will really get your mind off whatever you’re doing at the moment and let you just chill. Joplin and Jordan, gave this beat an old school feel and hit us with a drop that doesn’t disappoint, after a few minutes. But don’t just read my short description, listen for yourself.

Check out Kicks N Licks on Facebook and Soundcloud, for more great music. Make sure to catch them live, if they are performing in your city their live presence is something magnificent. Free DL!

Bro Safari – Diplo and Friends Mix


When you see Bro Safari, you know you are in some “real trap shit.”  Along side Bro Safari, we see Diplo and Friends, which has featured some of the freshest artists of today’s musical uprising.  His explosion of new music and familiar bangers on this mix is absolutely insane and fits into anyone’s schedule no matter what time of day.  Not only did he include a full track list below so every jam can be pin pointed but he included a FREE download so be sure to snatch it up before its too late!!  As Bro Safari said, “It’s a real honor to have an hour of air time on such a prolific station. I just want to thank each and every one of you who have helped to get me to where I am now. I simply would not have any success without you, the Soundcloud community.  I’m not sure if the station will force me to remove this or not. I REALLY hope that they don’t, because I want you guys to have this mix to download and not just stream. The feedback I’ve gotten from this mix has been tremendous! So let’s hope that they let this thing stay up here. If not… Well, I tried!””

01. Antiserum & Mayhem – Bangladesh
02. Bro Safari & UFO! – 2012
03. Feed Me – Rat Trap
04. Expendable Youth & CRNKN – Gunfiyah
05. Major Lazer feat. The Partysquad – Original Don (Luminox Remix)
06. Helicopter Showdown – Can U Feel Me (Antiserum Remix)
07. Milo & Otis – Thlack
08. Kill The Noise – Mosh It Up
09. Rell The Soundbender feat. Clint Mansell – Angels X Demons
10. Hammo Sung – Mr. Trap Happy
11. Alex Young & The Hi-Yahs – So Much
12. UZ & CRNKN – Booty To The Ground
13. Bro Safari – That A$$
14. gLAdiator – Magnum
15. Big Chocolate – Silkmilk
16. Beauty Brain – Spanish Trap Mafia (CENSORED)
17. Nadastrom & Gent x Jawns – Snake Juice
18. Bro Safari & ETC!ETC! – Suspects
19. Milo & Otis – Me Gusta
20. Kreayshawn – Go Hard (Valentino Khan Remix)
21. Valentino Khan & ETC!ETC! – Eat It
22. Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas & Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Phat Brahms (Bro Safari & UFO! Remix)
23. Team Jaguar – Understand
24. Jay Fay – Dibby Dibby
25. Cory Enemy & Brillz – Pump The Beat
26. Zeds Dead & Omar Linx – Cowboy (Torro Torro Remix)
27. Clockwork – BBBS (GTA Remix)
28. South Rakkas Crew feat. RDX – Refill
29. Congorock feat. Sean Paul & Stereomassive – Bless Di Nation (Valentino Khan Remix)
30. Kid Cedek – Circus Freaks (ETC!ETC! Remix)
31. Codes – All The Game
32. UFO! – That’s The Trap
33. Gent x Jawns – TurnUp
34. gLAdiator – Half ‘n Half
35. Buku – Janky
36. Buku – Fooled
37. Dj Butcher – Booty Hop
38. Will Bailey & Poisound – In The Echo
39. Smookie Illson – Make It Clap, Make It Roll
40. Antiserum & Mayhem – Spend It
41. Alex Metric – Rave Weapon (UZ Remix)
42. Bro Safari & Space Laces – Fang Banger
43. Yung Joc – It’s Goin Down (Milo & Otis Unoriginal Mix)
44. Bro Safari & UFO! – Drama
45. Bro Safari & UFO! – Burn The Block

Flosstradamus – X☢ (3 of 3)

Floss is at it AGAIN!!! With the final EP of the X series being released it is to no surprise they are still holding down the trap scene with these total of 9 bangers.  I personally can’t chose which is my favorite but after giving up studying for 2 midterms today, just to post this and get down with these dirty beats, I think it is pretty clear which one I have taken a liking too. Snares, high-hat’s, wind ups and downs, hand claps and straight bouncy drops makes this final series of the EP an epic closing to the X series.  Since the release of round 1 of the X series, I have been following Flosstradamus and seeing what collabs and other jamz they hold the title too.  Let me just say, it is worth the time to do some research.  Although I would love to post every song this duo throws down, I think it is only fair I start this trap journey with X☢. Sit back, turn that fucking bass up, and bounce around like the raving energizer bunny we all have inside of us. Under Under Underground.

Free Download Here! Download Here

Bassnectar – Freestyle EP

We have slowly been posting songs off this EP throughout the week, but it’s finally here. Bassnectar is back with a 6 track EP full of BASS, Trap and funky grooves. There are 4 new songs and 2 new remixes. ENJOY!

Goodbye Swedish House Mafia

The final music video with their final release.  If you don’t feel old when an amazing group has its beginning, climax and denouement within your lifetime, then something is wrong with you.  Since 2007 Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso  have dropped some amazing tunes, including their first, Get Dumb, produced by none other than Laid Back Luke.  Since then, they have continued to bring some of the most epic mixes to the party, bringing in crowds by the thousand, blowing people’s minds with unbelievable light shows and all while remaining true to their fans.  You will be missed, but not for long, these guys have incredible careers of their own and I look forward to what comes next.  Cheers.  (P.S. the pic above comes to us from our friends at Into The AM, check them out)

The Final Video:

Download Radio Rip

Buygore Document One mix 12.9.2012

Borgore is moving to LA!!!!!!!!! The Tel Aviv native has grown tired of producing music with other artists via web chat so he decided that it was time he come to the states and better yet California. There is no telling what influences the west-coast will have on his music but it seems like every time I hear a new Borgore song it gets filthier and filthier…I don’t understand it. Anyways, he has a new, “eclectic” EP that is said to be a combination of “filth and rusty” coming out on September 24, two days after we see him at Ten Night Club in New Port. The big project that Borgore is working on simultaneously is his very first album called “Borgore Ruined Everything”. But right now Borgore has brought us a Mix featuring none other than Document One as well as the BBC Radio 1 interview. These new tracks are simply going to blow any speaker you have…sooo here is some rusty ass filth for ya ears. Enjoy!

Here is the track-list for the mix for anyone that wants to put it in the lyrics of the song in iTunes!

Body Pump (D is for Document One) – Document One

Under the sun – Document One

Rising Higher – Document One

Kicks snares and brehs ft Maksim –

Already Lost Ft Tigerlight – Document One

Forgive me – Document One

Moving Together ft Tigerlight & Maksim – Document One

Stay – Document One

Ace in the pack ft Maksim – Document One

Decisions – Borgore (Document One remix)

Flex ft shay – Borgore (Document One remix)

Shouting from a mountain ft Linguistics – Document One

Tears – Document One

Hurricane – Document One & Helicopter showdown

Cold world – Virus Syndicate ft Document One

The feeling – Document One

Prayin for silence – Modestep & Document One

Clap – Document One

Wanna be with you – Document One

Roll it up inhale ft Shay – Document One

Hardwell – Spaceman (Carnage Festival Trap Remix)

Trap? It is taking over the world!!! A genre consisting of hip-hop and electronic sounds that take me back to the days of listening to straight hood rap; The Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, UGK, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, etc. If you dont like trap then you probably havent heard a dirty trap remix yet and luckily for you, the TrapTheMole, oh my bad I mean SnapTheMole team has come across the latest filthy track on this fine September 11 night for yo ass to get down tonight because SORORITIES ARE OFF SILENCE!!!! Here is Hardwell’s Spaceman – Carnage Festival Trap Remix. Enjoy!!!

Trolly Snatcha Lock and Load Feat. Foreign Beggars

Trolly Snatcha is back at it with his new EP, Scion A/V Presents: Trolley Snatcha, a compilation of five filthy, beast-mode-nasty tracks loaded with some of the heaviest bass lines I have heard in a minute!!! The last track on the EP featuring Foreign Beggars, a Rap, Grime and Dubstep group from London, UK reaches new heights with this mad mix of filth so go to the nearby estate sale, pick up some fresh antique speakers, turn that shit up nd enjoy Trolly Snatcha’s Locked and Loaded Featuring Foreign Beggars.

Flare by Meta

Meta’s “Flare” off of his new “The Alpha” EP with Lifted Music is simply a preview to the rest of the EP. Meta creates soft melodic harmony that he transitions perfectly into his absolute grimy Dubstep and shows that he has been hard at work in the lab so check this song out as well as the rest of “The Alpha” EP on Beatport. Enjoy.

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