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Baauer Live at Hard Miami 2013


The man himself. We are happy to release his live set from Hard Miami 2013. Turn those speakers up, and get turnt up yourself!

Sorry there is no souncloud link, but as per usual, Head over to Red Bull Music Academy for the full set.

ƱZ – Ball Trap Muzik Vol. 1


We have been waiting on this one for a while!!! The ƱZ Ball Trap Muzik Vol. 1 has officially been released!!! Pick up your FREE DOWNLOAD A$AP because you already know that ƱZ is coming with a gang of fresh beats with big rap artists spittin mad bars on top of them. Get ready for an epic Trap x Hip-hop album right here right now. 3nj0y!

Just Blaze & Baauer – Higher

Harry Rodrigues AKA Baauer (23) has teamed up with Justin Smith, the 35 year old Hip-Hop Producer know to the rap game as Just Blaze. They are currently on their Big League Tour, coming to a city near you (not SD). If you want to see them live in Caifornia, you’re going to have to beg us to hop on the STM jet and fly all the way to San Francisco. Smith is on Jay Z‘s record label along with one he founded himself. If you have a keen ear, you’ll notice the Jay Z sample in this song.

This song is one step closing to closing the gap between Hip-Hop and EDM. Trap has been reinvented this past year, from it’s old roots in hip-hop/rap to feature samples of these old/new rap artists. But with this song, and Baauers current tour w/ Just Blaze. I don’t even know what to expect from 2013. #trapmovement

Baauer – Slip (Radio Rip)

Not much needs to be said about Baauer since he has, without a doubt, worked hard to be easily one of the best trapstyle producers out today.  He knows exactly what we want to hear and how to make it sound 20x better through some speakers or headphones.  His live performance and control of the audience has made every live experience EPIC!  This new song Slip is anybody’s trap fix for the day if not the week! Although it is just a radio rip, we are lucky to be blessed with such a masterpiece. Be sure to follow his SoundCloud and like his Facebook for constant updates of new bangers and upcoming shows!

╦╤-Trap Made Us Do It: Bang. Bang.-╤╦

bang bang

Soulmind, a German group that is killing the Trap scene in Europe released a mix the other day that includes a wide variety of great movie licks from flicks we all know and old school rap samples that take you back to the hip-hop you listened to when you were younger. Big ups to my homie Duben for finding this and we are glad he did because there hasn’t been such a hood Trap mix in a while. Soulmind throws down some OG Trap shit on this mix such as Baauer, ƱZ, and Flosstradamus and remixes tracks from A$AP ROCKY and Kendrick Lamar that keep the mix up to date. The first track by Bang Bang on the mix set the tone with a heavy 808 bass so turn up the speakers and enjoy this new mix by Bang Bang called  ╦╤-Trap Made Us Do It: Bang. Bang.-╤╦

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Baauer – Live @ HARD Day of the Dead (11.3.12)


We have been waiting for sets to drop from Hard Haunted Day of the Dead 2012 and finally they are here! Baauer absolutely destroyed the stage right after going off at ƱZ. For everyone that was at Baauer’s set, listening to these sets will instantly take you back to the exact spot you were throwing down during each song and for those of you that missed the festival (Lex!) I am truly sorry but at least you have us to fill you in on what you missed! It was such a great night of rioting in line, amazing shows and ridiculously heavy bass all night that left my ears ringing into the next night; it was completely worth it. So here is Baauer’s set from Hard Haunted Day of the Dead! Enjoy!

FREE DOWNLOAD in description

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Nero – Won’t You (Be There) – Baauer Remix – Annie Mac Radio 1 World Premiere

Who would have thought?…. Nero, trapping it up. But with the help of Baauer, we wouldn’t expect anything less here at STM. Since this is the Annie Mac Radio 1 WORLD PREMIERE, the song is loaded with her commentary (#raving) which just makes it all the better! Enjoy and get down to new trap!

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