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Brillz – Acid Trippin (feat. Whiskey Pete)


Mad Decent has finally released the epic journey by Brillz and Whiskey Pete! Make sure to give the song a full listen, as it features 4-5 distinct parts. Full Description below:

Acid Trippin is a monster tune that was made around the time of the Swoop/Bueller sessions and rides along that same early dance trap aesthetic . Brillz signature flutterymelody lines get torn apart by saw tooth trap stabs while Whiskey Pete lends a catchy hook perfect the club.


Whiskey Pete

Datsik – UMF Firepower Showcase


I can imagine there is nothing more satisfying then knowing you have completely blown your fans out of the water.  Datsik, one of the reigning kings of dubstep , has just blessed us with 40 minutes of filthy twists and bass-throbbing drops.  To this day, Datsik’s live show is by far the loudest show I have ever experienced, I was front row, head-to-head with his 50,000 watts of mind-blowing sound and recovered for 3 days before my hearing was back to normal.  For those of you who need that fix of filth and trap, this mix is your calling.  The compilation of numerous DJs and genius productions put together by Datsik and Firepower Records is pure magic to the ears.  Be sure to like Datsik on Facebook and follow him on SoundCloud for updates on tours and new jams. For a FULL TRACK-LIST just click the SoundCloud link below!

STM Signature

TrAp MuSiK: ETC! ETC! & Brillz & Diplo – Bueller ft. Whiskey Pete (Vocal Mix)

It’s a Trap….

ETC!, Brillz and Diplo – talk about a Trap-Trifecta. Diplo, 1/2 the “Orignial Don” is after this trap movement and never stops letting us down. It’s going to be tough to be the trap anthems like ‘Spaceman’ and ‘Original Don,’ but this song is sure to hit you with some bass heavy sounds. For more Trap, be sure to check out DJ Carnage, as well. The SnapTheMole Team saw him last night alongside Borgore, he absolutely killed it.

For those of you that don’t know, trap is back and better than ever, and you don’t have to be rollin’ on 24s through the hood anymo’

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