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Knife Party – Internet Friends (heRobust’s Run Da Trap Bootleg)



Atlanta based Dj, heRobust has just released his most recent Trap Bootleg of Knife Party’s  “Internet Friends.” completely dismantling the heavy Dubstep version we have gotten down to for so long, heRobust reconfigures it into a Trap masterpiece with some southern influences like the “Still Tippin” rifts. This bootleg is one of my favorite right now so check it out and head to heRobust’s FaceBook for the Free Download!! Enjoy!

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Bluescreens – Strange Way


Since Bluescreens was formed in 2003, the Dubstep duo hailing all the way from France have been experimenting with many different genres of heavy electronic music such as Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Trap. Growing up exposed to Hip-hop, they infused many different styles of old school and new school music and were influenced heavily by DJ Craze and DJ Shadow. This song makes me want to pick up to the next show coming to San Diego and RAGE so please jack those speakers up and get down to “Strange Way” by Bluescreens. Enjoy!

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Dabs – Trapzillas


They be on them Dabs son! The Trap-duo hailing from Phoenix, Arizona calling them self Trapzillas have brought us a preview of their new track called “Dabs.” As the only word listed under ‘Band Interests’ on Trapzilla’s FaceBook, “Dabs” is all about that oowee gooey wax they get down on and it definitely reflets in the music that they produce, which is great. The full song was set to release on Christmas day as a gift from the Trapzillas to their fans but they have decided to release it earlier than expected! Here is the whole track of “Dabs” compliments of Trapzillas. Enjoy!!!

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Showtek & Justin Prime – Cannonball (Carnage & Victor Niglio Festival Trap Remix)


                       ^^^^^^^          See that bad boy… That was my iPhone. I thought it would be a great idea to record Dj Carnage’s entire set last weekend so I placed my phone and his dj deck while I was getting down front and center. Never seen again 😦

Thank you Dj Carnage! You made us wait, but as always its worth it. This song was released on his Festival Trap Mix a while back, but hasn’t officially been released until a few hours ago. This should give you a little trap fix for the day. Taking “Cannonball” and turning it into a “Grenade” of trap. This beat is heavyy. Make sure you got the bass cranked up and are ready to blow your head!

November Trap Mix of the Month

It’s the NØVEMBER 2Ø12 MIX by  Z€RØ. This guy obviously isn’t fucking around with a tracklist as stacked as this one. If you haven’t already heard these jam’s your pretty behind on your trap game, but it’s acceptable. Thats what we are here for. All we can say in YESSSSSSSS!

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“Traplist ”
01. Adventure Club – Retro City (LOUDPVCK Remix)
02. Cypress Hill x Rusko – Letz Go (Chromatic Remix)
03. Expendable Youth & CRNKN – GUNFIYAH
04. Flosstradamus – ITH
05. Mayhem x Antiserum – Brick Squad Anthem
06. ƱZ x CRNKN – Booty To The Ground
07. gLAdiator – Bout That
08. Kill The Noise – Roots (Brillz Remix)
10. Chief Keef – 3HUNNA (Gent & Jawns Bootleg)
11. RL Grime – Flood
12. Alex Young – Boomerang
13. Flosstradamus – Hood Fantasy
14. Chilton Classic – Blow Dro With My Friends
15. gLAdiator – Jello
16. Nas – The Don

Deltron 3030 – Upgrade (Figure Remix)

Upgrade your brain matter…. because one day it may matter….

Josh Gard, otherwise known as Figure, never seems to let us down: when we are in the mood for dubstep to destroy  our minds. The STM actually got to see Gard going hard on the decks at the House of Blues last Sunday. His music is just so heavy, sometimes it can almost be too much to handle. Mixing in one of Del the Funky Homosapien‘s greatest hits “Upgrade” Figure perfectly adds in a combination of grime and filth to upgrade the jam. Most know Del the Funky Homosapien as Deltron 3030; he has been tearing up the underground music industry for decades and considered a master amongst underground hip-hip fanatics. I doubt Del will be upset when he hears this banger blasting out of someones speakers.

Get ready for this one guys…

I Spend It – Mayhem x Antiserum

Damn, Mayhem and Antiserum are bringing the HEAVY trap today! This Trap Remix of none other than the homie 2 Chainz’ ‘Spend It’ has more of Trapstep sound to it but is nonetheless a straight banger that needs to be heard on dope speakers with the volume turned up, way up. You may recognize Anitserum from the bass heavy track ‘BASS SALT’, a collaboration with 12th Planet, released about a month ago that redefined what Trap/Trapstep is. Now hitting it off with Mayhem, the Trap duo have produced a mad remix that is sure to please all trap lovers with their phat snares, Pink Floyd’s “Money”-esk cash register and dollar bill ripping sounds, and vocals from the Atlanta native 2 Chainz. Get ready for it because here it comes; this is “I Spend It” remixed by Mayhem and Antiserum! Be sure to grab up the FREE DOWNLOAD and enjoy my friends!!!

What Happened – Thugli

I know it’s not throwback Thursday or anything but I have been getting down to this dope ass Trap Remix that came out a few months ago, compliments of Thugli, for a while and I thought I would hook you guys up if you haven’t heard it yet. Thugli, consisting of Tom Wrecks and Drastik, is a brand new duo that joined forces only a short time ago but it seems like they have been together for years based on the sick tracks they have released. “What Happened” is a revamped Trap remix of Birdman’s OG track “What Happened To That Boy” that is full of on point percussion percussion surrounding a hood ass bassline. Recently mixed in R.L. Grimes Halloween Mix, “What Happened” is only an introduction of what Thugli can and will produce so be sure to check back for more remixes by the duo. Enjoy this FREE DOWNLOAD and have a Happy Traps-Giving!!!

Come & Get It – Krewella

Krewella has just released their newest track called “Come & Get It” only a few hours ago! They debuted this song on Sirius XM Radio but unfortunately many people missed out on the listen. This track will be part of their upcoming “PLAY HARDER” Remix EP which will be released for the price of absolutely nothing on December 10! This track was just released for a FREE DOWNLOAD and all you have to do is ‘Like’ their Facebook page so check out this crazy-good track for free!! Enjoy!!!

Download From Krewella’s Facebook Here

Trap Reflections – TrapZillas

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona this trap-heavy duo has just released  a track today called Trap Reflections. The song has a sick bassline that I was not expecting and the glitches to the vocals before the transition and the drop are a nice touch. I have played this song at least ten times already because I cannot get enough of it. Make sure to check out TrapZillas’ Facebook and SoundCloud for tour updates and new tracks dropping!! Be sure to downliad Trap Reflections FOR FREE and enjoy this dope track on your Traps-giving break!!!

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