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Daft Punk Random Access Memories Episode 1: Giorgio Moroder

So Daft Punk is finally back, and this is apparently there first of multiple episodes to come featuring legendary composers/songwriters and speaking on their behalf. Giorgio Moroder essentially breaks it down for the viewers at the end of the video: The reason Daft Punk has been gone for so long is due to the fact that Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are so detail oriented that it takes them weeks just to find the sound they need some times. They even record with 3 different microphones (from the 60s, 70s, and today) even though none of us could tell the difference, apparently they can.

So what have they really been doing? IT HAS HAPPENED. They have finally bridged the gap, between real music and music made on computers. It’s still electronic, but it now has the human touch, because they used real instruments.

Bravo, Daft Punk, Bravo.

Daft Punk Sony Album Official Release Confirmed

Fans hungry for any piece of intel regarding the upcoming fifth record by Daft Punk may now have a bit more to chew on.

This morning, the Daft Punk fan site The Daft Clubposted a screenshot taken from PPL, a British company that licenses recorded music and relegates royalties. The post confirms that Sony Music (whose subsidiary company Columbia Records will be handling the French duo’s upcoming album) has registered 13 Daft Punk songs with the organization.

Though the tracks remain untitled, they range in length from 3:48 to 9:04.

Check out the full list of tracks below.

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 1.07.36 PM.png




The Daft Punk Teaser

DaftPunk Commercial

If you aren’t waiting with wild anticipation for the new Daft Punk album scheduled to drop this May, then you probably suck.  This album will be the anthem of 2013, perfect to begin your party summer.  French duo Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo havn’t released an album in over eight years, but from what is rumored, the creativity never ceased.  There have been rumors about contributors but, as with everything about the duo, it is shrouded in secrecy.  There has been no official announcement, only the above image showing at  One can only be sure that they plan to drop a masterpiece and they have just released this “commercial” to leave you wanting more.  Enjoy, Daft Punk is planning an epic return.

Here is a 10 minute version of the 15 second commercial played during SNL! Thank you loyal Daft Punks 🙂

Tramps Like Us – TODAY! Rusko, Datsik, Tommy Trash, Wolfgang Gartner, Nicky Romero

Today is the Day. Sunday, September 02, 2012: Tramps Like Us Day 2.We are here today to bring you a few songs to get you going for tonight.

Datsik is about to fill you ears half-way up with grime.

>>>>>>>>Download Here<<<<<<<<<

Seeing Rusko tonight is sure to be a mind blowing experience. Let’s hope he actually knows where he is playing this show and doesn’t have to be taken off stage by the paramedics. For that matter lets hope nothing happens to Cline, either. I can’t say this is classic Rusko, because its off his latest EP “Songs” but it just has such an old school reggae/dub feel to it. Get down, and much a fucking apple.

>>>>>>>Download Here<<<<<<<<

If you didn’t know already, the first person playing at Tramps tonight (Popeska) is only 19. His name is Ralf (insert girls getting wet) and he fucking throws down. He can be my super best friend. Mole?


>>>>>>>Download Here<<<<<<<

As I tried to go through Nicky Romero’s songs and post one up here, I could not choose one…

So here’s his EDC Live Set. So Dank.

>>>>>>>Download Here<<<<<<<

There’s just so much more…but that should get you started.

Dada Life – Feed The Dada

Dada Life is here with a fresh new track – “Feed The Dada.” These Sweedish electro house DJ’s were voted on the top 100 list back in 2010. The group consists of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom, who originate out of Stockholm County. Now I don’t know much about Sweden, but I hear it has some of the most beautiful women around, so i’d love to head over and rage with the whole Snapthemole crew on our next company trip. We’ll let you know how that one goes…

For now just enjoy the song

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