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Baauer Live at Hard Miami 2013


The man himself. We are happy to release his live set from Hard Miami 2013. Turn those speakers up, and get turnt up yourself!

Sorry there is no souncloud link, but as per usual, Head over to Red Bull Music Academy for the full set.

ƱZ – Ball Trap Muzik Vol. 1


We have been waiting on this one for a while!!! The ƱZ Ball Trap Muzik Vol. 1 has officially been released!!! Pick up your FREE DOWNLOAD A$AP because you already know that ƱZ is coming with a gang of fresh beats with big rap artists spittin mad bars on top of them. Get ready for an epic Trap x Hip-hop album right here right now. 3nj0y!

ƱZ – Preview for ƱZ’s First Official Mixtape


In 7 hours, the mysterious ƱZ will drop his first official mixtape on!! The mixtape features a gang of rap artists and we are finally seeing Trap and Hip-hop colliding. At 9am sharp we will post up the mixtape here so check back in the morning for the dopest mixtape you have heard in a while. In the meantime here is a little video preview of what went on at the Red Bull Studios in LA and what is to come in the morning. Sorry we couldn’t post the video here but check it out at the link HERE. Shout out to NonStopRecord for the pic! Enjoy!

Aesop Rock – Coffee (Figure Remix)


Growing up listening to Rap and Hip-hop, Figure wanted to drop a remix to one of his favorite songs by Aesop Rock. As Figure was producing the remix of “Coffee” he wanted have a track that could end his sets by giving the crowd one last banger to be remembered by and boy did he come through! This track includes Aesop Rocks original vocals and then kicks into a massive mess of runaway bass. This is a ridiculously good track so give it a listen. Enjoy!


TRVP SHIT 69 #photos @ryanmmarks

LOUDPVCK, pronounced ‘Loudpack’ is the pseudonym  for the production/DJ duo composed of, Kenny Beats & Ryan Marks. The NY/LA Production team has just released a 30 minute mix featuring all sorts of Trap, Hip-Hop/Rap and unreleased tracks. Luckily the STM team will be seeing Ryan Marks perform on Wednesday, February 13th! Let us know if you will be attending this event as we should be hanging out with Mr. Marks himself, thanks Meg-O. Get ready to get hit with trap like you’ve never heard before – TURN UP.

Just Blaze & Baauer – Higher

Harry Rodrigues AKA Baauer (23) has teamed up with Justin Smith, the 35 year old Hip-Hop Producer know to the rap game as Just Blaze. They are currently on their Big League Tour, coming to a city near you (not SD). If you want to see them live in Caifornia, you’re going to have to beg us to hop on the STM jet and fly all the way to San Francisco. Smith is on Jay Z‘s record label along with one he founded himself. If you have a keen ear, you’ll notice the Jay Z sample in this song.

This song is one step closing to closing the gap between Hip-Hop and EDM. Trap has been reinvented this past year, from it’s old roots in hip-hop/rap to feature samples of these old/new rap artists. But with this song, and Baauers current tour w/ Just Blaze. I don’t even know what to expect from 2013. #trapmovement

heRobust – OG Status


heRobust joined us in Dallas, Texas for an epic New Years Eve throwdown, the last of the three day festival called Lights All Night. Strapped up with a gang of dirty Hip-Hop and Trap tracks that he knew Texas would love, the entire crowd didn’t miss a beat as they jumped up and down the whole show. I mean when there is a guy dressed in a giant bear jacket raging as hard as he was there is no reason why we shouldn’t have done the same. Trap has been taking off in the EDM world and this Atlanta native has kept up to speed with remixes to Waka Flocka, Lil Wayne, and ‘Internet Friends.’  We have been eagerly awaiting some new remixes from heRobust and he is back with a sick one called ‘OG Status.’ The track gets better and better as it progresses so be sure to give it a listen and get ready for the entire OG Status EP scheduled to drop on Janurary 7 FOR FREE!!!!

What is TRAP Music?

A MUST-WATCH for anyone who loves Trap Music! Every wondered what Trap Music is all about? This video will educate you on the merging of EDM‘s latest craze with classic hip-hop beats. Complete with a hilarious narrator, tons of drug references and interviews with Dirty South Joe, DJ Scream, Gucci Mane, Mike Will, Waka Flacka, Dj Genesis, DJ Sega, Sonny Digital, DJ Spinz, Southside, TM, 808 Mafia, Drumma Boy, Daniel Disaster, Bigga Rankin, Alley Boy, FKi, Two9, Trap-A-Holics, Bambino Gold, Eldorado Red, Swizzy Mack, Gianni Lee, and Flosstradamus.

After watching this, you’ll be fully versed in the Trap Music of our day. 2013, the year of the trap.


.05 – Killah Kalam – Oh Boy
.53 – Major Lazer – Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix)
1.27 – C.Z. – (unreleased instrumental)
2.45 – UZ – Trap Shit 7
4.03 – Munchi – Dipset Anthem
5.06 – Loudpvck – Triple Beam
5.57 – Mayhem – Bricksquad Anthem
8:20 – ETC!ETC! & Brillz – Swoop
10:30 – Heroes X Villains – Original Choppaz
11:40 – FKi – Fucked Up In the Club
13:47 – FKi – Stuntin (Feat. Retro Sushi)
14:40 – Luminox – Killin Em (instrumental)
15:35 – UZ – Trap Shit 11
16:40 – Flosstradamus – Rollup (Baauer Remix)
18:08 – Luminox – Killin Em (Instrumental)

Shout-out to dube’s for the video.

Butch Clancy – Ratchet Anthem


butch clancy

As Christmas day comes to an end, we are seeing the tail end of the free tracks or “presents” being dropped and this one has especially caught my ear from the get-go. From massive 808’s to the “make it nasty” sample, Scott Pitcock, better known as Butch Clancy to anyone who listens to good Dubstep,  takes his original Hip-hop and heavy Dubstep roots and infuses them into the Trap music he makes today. Butch Clancy’s repertoire includes huge tracks such as Russian Lullaby and Diamonds are Forever which are known for obliterating sets and melting faces with massive bass. Only 26 years old, Clancy continues to amaze us here at Snap The Mole as he makes his mark on EDM world and becoming a household name.  This is the first of what seems to be many installments of “Trap Tuesdays” so if nothing else get back at us every Tuesday for some unreal Trap compliments of Butch Clancy! And today he has hooked it up with a Free Download so cruise over to his FaceBook to grab it up! Also if you are behind on his music you have a chance to download 13 tracks for free as well! Like the SnapTheMole FaceBook and Enjoy! Merry Christmas!!!

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Dj Kentaro & Foreign Beggars – Step In (Tha Trickaz Remix)


Damn son where’d you find this? Starting off with Dj Kentaro’s original track of ‘Step In’ with Foreign Beggars laying bars down over it, Tha Trickaz have taken their Trap-heavy, Hip-Hop influences to another level as they reworked this track. The Paris, France based duo consisting of Pho & DJ iRaize joined forces about ten years ago with the mutual goal of “push[ing their] musical boundaries as well as their own technical limits.” With a tempo that alternates between quick and lethargic speeds, the group does work to combine Dubstep, Trap/Hip-hop and electro-house genres into one filthy track. Make sure the bass is not turned up too loud because you may end up knocking pictures off the wall! Check out their SoundCloud and Like their FaceBook and while your at it you might as well Like ours as well! Enjoy!!

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