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Dada Life – So Young So High OFFICIAL VIDEO

Old people dancing & drinking in Sweeded (thought it was called so young, so HIGH).

Scope the Dillion Francis Remix #trapremix

If you watched any of that video make sure you watch this one. It’s a way cooler video (and song) of old people getting ****ed up. Scope the what Dada Life DEFINITELY got the idea from. Featuring Jack Daniels, Bullet Bourbon, Gas masks, joints, whippets  strippers, a few things we won’t mention, and of course last but not least old people at a Modestep show, getting down!…

Modestep – Sunlight.

Just Blaze & Baauer – Higher

Harry Rodrigues AKA Baauer (23) has teamed up with Justin Smith, the 35 year old Hip-Hop Producer know to the rap game as Just Blaze. They are currently on their Big League Tour, coming to a city near you (not SD). If you want to see them live in Caifornia, you’re going to have to beg us to hop on the STM jet and fly all the way to San Francisco. Smith is on Jay Z‘s record label along with one he founded himself. If you have a keen ear, you’ll notice the Jay Z sample in this song.

This song is one step closing to closing the gap between Hip-Hop and EDM. Trap has been reinvented this past year, from it’s old roots in hip-hop/rap to feature samples of these old/new rap artists. But with this song, and Baauers current tour w/ Just Blaze. I don’t even know what to expect from 2013. #trapmovement

Kicks N Licks – Who Knows (Original Mix)

Coming straight out of San Diego, California (Just like us) this “lush and melodic sound emerges.” The duo known as Kicks N Licks, is composed of Andy Joplin and Jerrod Jordan, they got together a few years back and have supplied us with good music ever since. This song is a long, relaxed dubstep tune that will really get your mind off whatever you’re doing at the moment and let you just chill. Joplin and Jordan, gave this beat an old school feel and hit us with a drop that doesn’t disappoint, after a few minutes. But don’t just read my short description, listen for yourself.

Check out Kicks N Licks on Facebook and Soundcloud, for more great music. Make sure to catch them live, if they are performing in your city their live presence is something magnificent. Free DL!

Ookay’s Dont Drink & Drive Mix

Ookay, a trap master similar to the likes of UZ, in that he keep his identity a secret from his fans has hit the world with a new mix. Not much is known about this San Diego native, but ask Borgore and the Allstars and i’m sure they’d have a few stories. Ookay recently performed a show in LA, which the STM team unfortunately did not attend. But if you were in LA and you didn’t go, you missed out: The whole crew showed up (Borgore, Carnage, Kennedy Jones, the list goes onn…)

This mix will have you doing the trap dance for the next 30 mintes… But don’t take my word for it, press play, tune in and try to sit still. It gets rachet.


01 -Haifa Wehbe – Fakerni (Saint Bootleg)
02 -DJ Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo – Moombah (Afrojack Rmx – Munchi’s Shoutout To Naffie VIP)
03 – Elvis Crespo – Suavemente (Kennedy Jones Trap Remix)
04 -Heads Will Roll – [Kid Kamillon Trap Edit]
05 – Dillon Francis – Westside (Alter Natives & Ookay Trap Remix)
06 – Canblaster – Chicken Run (Ookay Trapflip Remix)
07 – Jacob Van Hage & Saint Liz – Voodoo (Ookay Trap Remix)
08 – Angger Dimas – Hey Freak! (Ookay Trap Remix)
09 – Congorock x Cesqeaux – BABYLON (Trap RELOAD)
10 – Kill The Noise – Mosh It Up (Original Mix)
11 – Will Bailey – Eat My lazer (Ookay Edit)
12 – Flosstradamus – DEAF / Flosstradamus – DEAF (Ookay Deaf Mashup)
13 – Flosstradamus – ITH (ft. Tuneboy & DJ Issac)
14 – Dj Sliink – Stop Me Now
15 – Ookay – Bass Kick
16 – Ookay – Hit Me
17 – Traxman – Blow Yo Shit (Lenkemz Remix)
18 – Santigold – Creator (Ookay Remix)
19 – Congorock – Bless Di Nation (Ookay Remix)
20 – Ookay – Fessions
21 – Coaster – XOXO
22 – Dreams – OooO

Zeds Dead – Holiday Mix

Every time Zeds Dead releases a track, you can be sure to find it on this website. This isn’t a track though, its a Merry Fucking Christmas from Zeds Dead. Starting Christmas off right with “The Living Dead,” and then dropping it HARD, these guys clearly know what they are doing. The STM team has been fortunate enough to see Zeds Dead many times over the past few years, but we still have yet to see them in their home country of Canada! I honestly cant even imagine what it must be like being surrounded entirely by true Zed-Heads. Every time I have seen them, they always save the best for last to make sure they eliminate any non-believers. So, in other words, make sure you listen to this whole mix. Its 50 minutes of dubstep, trap, glitch, moomba…let’s be real Zeds Dead’s genre is impossible to define. So just listen to this great mix, courtesy of DC and Hooks: otherwise known as ZEDS DEAD, BABY!

Don’t miss Zeds Dead at the House of Blues in San Diego, CA on Dec. 27th! Hit us up on Facebook for hard-copy tickets or just click the flyer to your right!

Zeds Dead – The Living Dead
Gemini feat. Greta Svabo Bech – Fire Inside
AC Slater ft. Xaphoon Jones – Believe Me (Botnek Remix)
Diplo and Oliver Twizt – Go
You Killing Me – Hallelujah
Zeds Dead – Ruckus The Jam
Baobinga and I.D.- Gun Talk (Kahn Remix)
Zeds Dead – Rumble in the Jungle
Farkas – Tribal Dance
Dismantle – Word Dance
Prototypes – Abyss
Millions Like Us – Illuminate
Memorecks – Texture
Wilkinson – Tonight
Zeds Dead and Omar LinX – Cowboy
Delta Heavy – Get By (174 Mix)
Noisia and the Upbeats – Dustep
XI – The Ghost
Killsonik – Girly
Baauer – Harlem Shake
Megalodon and Conscious Pilot feat. Doctor – Like This
Eek-a-Mouse – Ganja Smuggling
Rusko – Love No More
Zeds Dead and Omar LinX – Take A Chance
Example and Flux Pavilion – Day Dreamer
Zeds Dead and Omar LinX – Crank
Collin Munroe ft. Pusha T – The Fight Of My Life (Zeds Dead Remix)
Stinkabell – Something In Your Eyes
Marina and the Diamonds – Lies (Zeds Dead Remix)

Merry Christmas from PatrickReza!

Just in time for Christmas: PatrickReza, LA native, has released a holiday jam thats sure to bit a hit at the office christmas bash! Just kidding its filled with heavy BASS! Only 19 years old, this boy is younger than all of us here at STM. He is a heavy bass/dubstep producer thats only been in the game for a year. His fanbase has gone from 0 to 24,000 in 1 year…. He’s gonna have one hell of a Christmas this year, only leading into a better 2013!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from PatrickReza and the STM Team!

Liquid Stranger – Apocalypse Mix (“Is That Filthy Enough For You?”)


If you haven’t seen Liquid Stranger live, then you might as well contact your ENT doctor before hand because your eardrums will be bleeding gallons of blood. “This mix was recorded during a show in Philadelphia. Not as polished as a studio mix, but raw, live & direct. Contains a bunch of my VIPs, edits, collabs, and bootlegs.” – Liquid Stranger



1. The Twilight Zone

2. Ganga Giri – Bayami (Liquid Stranger Remix)

3. Liquid Stranger – Justice

4. Liquid Stranger – Rapture

5. Liquid Stranger feat. Shells – Blow

6. Liquid Stranger vs Downlink – Crippled Ripple

7. Liquid Stranger vs Datsik/Excision – Swagga With My Grandma

8. Liquid Stranger – Bully VIP

9. Orbatak – Ganja (Liquid Stranger Remix)

10. Liquid Stranger – Step by Step VIP

11. Liquid Stranger – Mechanical Stuff

12. Liquid Stranger – Zero Hour VIP

13. Liquid Stranger – Babylon Beast (Lockstep Edit)

14. Liquid Stranger – Destroy Him My Robots VIP

15. Liquid Stranger – Gridlock

16. Liquid Stranger vs Run DMC – Crush Groovin

17. Liquid Stranger – Gridlock (again)

18. Liquid Stranger – Raw

19. Liquid Stranger – Metrocop

20. Awolnation – Sail (Liquid Stranger Remix)

21. Liquid Stranger – Explode

22. Liquid Stranger – Snap, Crackle & Pop

23. Bare vs Liquid Stranger – Rage

24. Liquid Stranger vs Darth Vader – Imperial Strike

25. Liquid Stranger – Warhead

26. Lank, KirKus, Sluggo – We Kill Everything (Liquid Stranger Remix)

27. Liquid Stranger – Rocketfuel

28. Ajapai vs Liquid Stranger – Bounce/Rampage Mashup

29. Ajapai vs Liquid Stranger – Contamination

30. Ludacris feat Liquid Stranger – Move Bitch (Octagon Edition)

31. Ajapai vs Liquid Stranger – Swarm

32. El Diablo – Devil In The Machine (Liquid Stranger Remix)

32. Downlink – Factory (Liquid Stranger Remix)

33. Noisia – Friendly Intentions (Liquid Stranger Remix)

34. Liquid Stranger – Planet Freak

35. Getter – ill Shit (Liquid Stranger Remix)

36. Freq Nasty – Bon Merde (Liquid Stranger Remix)

37. Liquid Stranger feat. The Pack – Shake My Ass (Jello At The Club Mashup)

38. Liquid Stranger – Jolt VIP

39. Liquid Stranger – Bombaclaad Star VIP

40. Over and Out


Merry Christmas from Buygore!

Borgore & Friends have decided to grace us with a new album, free to download, on Dec 24th! Just in time for Christmas. Watch the video for more details!

Far Too Loud – 600 Years (SKisM RmX)

SKisM is out with a new RMX! How can you not be excited? Your about to get hit in the face with absolute filth. Anything flowing from the fingertips of SKisM is pretty much assured to melt your face off, this remix is no different. A little more drum and bass that STM normally gets down too, but SKisM is my boy so we couldn’t not post this! Far Too Loud’s original version of the song isn’t too shabby either, definitely heard it in a couple mixes before today. But SKisM takes it to a new level of grime, enjoy the bass heavy drum and bass sounds! So find some good grass and roll it everyday for 60o years…


ICƎD OU₮ – ₮R∆M⁋¥ (Rowah “Where Yo Ice At?!” Remix)

Get ready for some new shit! This is a remix by Rowah, a new and upcoming artist who we just discovered. We recently posted a remix he did with $yrup. Get ready to get ICED OUT, on this one. Rowah took Waka Flocka and Soulja boy’s tune “Iced out” and trap remixed the fuck out of it. Personally, we don’t even like the original…but Rowah did a great job on this “Where Yo Ice At?!” Remix! This is a remix on a remix: originally ₮R∆M⁋¥ remixed it, but we have to hand this one to Rowah. ₮R∆M⁋¥’s remix just wasn’t powerful enough, not enough bass!

Let us know what you think?!

Support Rowah and Snap the Mole!


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